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All-Levels Boxing is open to all levels of experience, including first timers! We focus on the fundamentals of Boxing; stance, footwork, punches and defense. We also incorporate light cardio, strength and conditioning to build stamina.


Wraps + Gloves required! (Wraps available for purchase $15, gloves can be provided for free)


Our Intermediate Boxing is for those who have mastered the basics of footwork, defense movements and all punches (jab, cross, hook + uppercut). We work on advancing fundamentals to take you to the next level with your strength + conditioning.


Wraps + Gloves required! (Wraps available for purchase $15, gloves can be borrowed for free)


Prior to booking this class, please chat with a trainer to make sure you're ready!


Advanced class for intermediate+ participants who have mastered all 6 punches and defensive movements (slipping, ducking and rolling). This class will focus on defense, offense, footwork, and head movement through partner drills and ringwork.


Headgear and mouthpiece is required.

Inquire for more information.

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